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Courses for REAL HEALTH:

The SLIM! Keto Reset Course

The SLIM! Ketogenic Reset

The SLIM! Course 

Get Your Body Burning Fat Again!

The SLIM! Ketogenic Reset Course

High School Health

Health for Homeschoolers

Give Your Students Tools to Gain 

REAL Health!

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Enjoying REAL Health should be Simple!

Cynthia Cruz,

Nutritional Consultant

Let me guide you to 

reach your    

                     health goals! 


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    The SLIM! Keto Reset above

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            It contains information on:

  • Why Keto
  • How to get started Burning Fat
  • Keto Shopping List 
  • Recipes for Snacks, Beverages &                      meals
  • Why Keto Works (Research)
  • Research on Healthy Civilizations
  • How to Make Bone Broth
  • Fermented Foods

as well as emails that deliver research-based tips - made simple!

        I call these-> #HealthHacks

Here's to you enjoying REAL Health! 



SLIM! is the third book in the 

Natural Menopause: Happy, Healthy, SLIM! & Sexy series.

Stay tuned for when all will be available!

I'm super excited about this edition as it is a SYSTEM to help you succeed at your health goals!!  Details coming soon...


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