Organic vs Conventional

The research is so much more conclusive – and more far-reaching than ever to eat organic!

Today’s Article from Dr. Mercola has scary info – but we can choose to keep our families healthier and influence food manufacturers by voting with our dollars.  The following article is really worth your time!

As if that wasn’t enough, glyphosate (Roundup, a carcigenic chemical used to kill weeds that is patented as an antibiotic) is used to dry wheat!  No wonder so many seem to have digestive issues!  Periscope on Wheat and Digestive Issues


THE HEADLINES READ:   Organic Veggie Basket

“No significant difference in the nutrition of organic vs conventional food”

Upon investigation of the study, I found the researchers failed to report some key information:

The body of the research article made organics look really good!  More antioxidants, more vitamins and minerals and less toxins!  Just for fun, let me read the conclusion of this review of 343 studies:

 “In conclusion, organic crops, on average, have higher concentrations of antioxidants, lower concentrations of Cadmium and a lower incidence of pesticide residues than the non-organic comparators across regions and production seasons.1”

I am not trying to implicate the news here just because the headlines read the opposite of the conclusion, let’s just consider the source before we believe everything we hear!



1.)   Br J Nutr. 2014 Sep 14;112(5):794-811. doi: 10.1017/S0007114514001366. Epub 2014 Jun 26. Higher antioxidant and lower cadmium concentrations and lower incidence of pesticide residues in organically grown crops: a systematic literature review and meta-analyses. Barański M1Srednicka-Tober D1Volakakis N1Seal C2Sanderson R3Stewart GB1Benbrook C4Biavati B5Markellou E6Giotis C7Gromadzka-Ostrowska J8Rembiałkowska E8Skwarło-Sońta K9Tahvonen R10Janovská D11Niggli U12Nicot P13Leifert C1.