Tomato, Amana Orange

Solanum lycopersicum Delicious Heirloom Orange tomato with a bit more sweet, intense “orange”(!) flavor

Amana Orange Tomato, Spring 2012

than other tomatoes. More like a beefsteak tomato as seeds are smaller and fewer as well as thick with tomato meat. Big one half to one pound fruits. Skin is soft so best for home garden that does not require travel toughness. One of our favorites for flavor, but also for this tomato’s amazing history! Rumored to have been founded by a religious German group, who called themselves, “The Community of True Inspiration” in the Amana Colonies of Iowa, SSE claims Gary Stately gave them these seeds but named them after the Amana Corporation where he worked as a Customer Service Manager! Delicious either way ūüėČ
Recipes using Amana Tomatoes:

Tomatillo Sauce