Tomatillo, Purple

Purple Tomatillo

Rare purple heirloom with an exceptional appearance and taste!  Deep violet skin color bleeds into flesh with green centers.  Much sweeter than the green types with a musky flavor that is superb when eaten right from the plant.  Harvest after the papery husk has split, when fruits are the size of a golf ball and skin has turned a deep purple color.  Great grilled on kabobs or in salsas.  Semi-determinate.

Soil & Water: Tomatillos love fertile soil rich in organic matter. Add plenty of compost prior to planting. Soil pH is preferred between 5.5-7.0. Soak the soil 4-6″ deep at 7-day intervals. Mulch to preserve moisture. Avoid wetting the foliage when watering.

Recipes using Tomatillos:

Tomatillo Sauce