Why Buy Local

There are a lot of reasons to make the effort too find locally grown produce – or, better yet, to grow your own:

  • More Nutrition ~ The longer that produce is off the vine, the more nutrients it loses from exposure to air, sun and the environment. I once read that an orange that travels across country may be as old as one year and may have lost 80-90% of its Vitamin C!
  • Better Taste ~ Have you ever tried a sun-warmed tomato, fresh off the plant? How about a Peach or a cherry pulled from the tree? There is NOTHING as good as fresh, truly fresh produce! The best chefs in the country rely on local producers and quick transit time to get the best taste to the table! (See the book Wild Harvest)
  • Support Local Economy ~ Whenever possible, I love having the option of supporting my friends, local businesses and companies whose philosophy of life I support. There is no better, more efficient way to give a company or person your vote than with your shopping dollar ~ one that you would have spent anyway!
  • Quality Control ~ “Food with a Farmer’s Face on it” is one of the pillars of Michael Olson’s Food Chain Radio Show* (great podcasts and book found at http://www.metrofarm.com ) because if you know the belief system and Character of the one who farmed your food, you know it is as good as nature intended. If you have seen Food, Inc., Forks over Knives or Food Matters, you know that concern for the quality of what we are eating is real and necessary.
  • Be Trendy ~ for the sake of your children! ~ Google ‘ eat local for a year ‘ and find many Blogs and families doing their best to live off what their local land produces. This is not just because it is a “trend”. We believe it is a trend because sustainable agriculture and supporting it is VITAL to our health and the health of our children and grandchildren.

*Michael Olson’s LAWS OF THE FOOD CHAIN:

#1 Agriculture is the foundation upon which we build all our sand castles.

#2 The farther we go from the source of our food, the less control we have over what’s in that food.

#3 Cheap food isn’t!

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