Kale & Orange Tomato Salad w/Cilantro Dressing

Kale is such a wonderful, nutritious green that we have available most of the year here in California. If you remove the bottom leaves as the plant is growing (instead of harvesting the whole plant!) you will have what remains as a Kale Tree! Available when you need to make a salad for your family or a delicious stir-fry.    Here is one way we prepare it so that everyone enjoys it:

4 Kale Leaves (for a family of four), washed and chopped

2 Handfuls Orange Cherry Tomatoes, washed & cut in 1/2


Combine above ingredients to make a simple yet yummy tossed salad. Add grated Carrots and other garden extras as available.

Here we used Red Cherry Tomatoes and Cooked Organic Skinless Boneless Chicken Thighs in a  Cauliflower pocket for a healthful and quick lunch!


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Blue Curly Kale

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