Tomatillo Sauce

This is a family favorite served on Egg Dishes, Carne Asada tacos and burritos, and almost anything you can dip into it!

Grill (we use a cast iron flat pan on medium fire):

1lb Tomatillos  (Feel free to vary quantities of chiles, tomatoes, and tomatillos to adjust to what you have on hand ~ the Salsa varieties are endless!)


1 Clove Garlic

1 Tomato

2 Blonde chiles

and 2 Jalapenos (or a combination of chiles you have on hand)

Once Grilled, transfer above to Blender Jar.  Add Salt, Cilantro and a little bit of water or tomato sauce (to facilitate processing).

This sauce tends to get less spicy after a day in the refrigerator, so adjust chile quantities accordingly!