As I ponder our food supply, the urgency of GROWING YOUR OWN is even more apparent. We normally get most of our greens from our garden or a friend’s CSA but it felt like we haven’t had enough greens lately. Last week I was all excited to buy huge bags of baby kale and greens from a big warehouse store. Proudly I made a stir-fry with more greens than ever, accompanied by a huge salad (that was “triple washed”, baked potato and organic chicken.  My family loved it!  The next day my sister called for help with her health and as soon as I mentioned the greens she said, “I am not putting chlorine on my children’s plates!”
      I researched… was she right?  She was right!!  Large scale farming has issues!  They mean well but have trouble controlling quality when greens come in from different fields by the ton so they spray with a chlorine water mix.  This is ORGANIC produce!!!  As I read the story of the mom who gave her 2yr old child a shake with raw spinach and he died – I want to throw up at the tragedy.   The company responsible put million dollar measures into place to prevent such an event.  They test a necessary percent of each batch


and throw away every week literally TONS of tainted greens!!  The odds are we won’t get a bad batch. UGH!!  How can we feed our family by Russian Roulette?! No, Thank you!! 
     The nutrients in Fruits and Veggies are CRITICAL to our health – and proven higher in organics!  (There is no research yet, but I am convinced that the produce I make compost for and so lovingly grow at home has even MORE nutritional value than regular organic – just like yours does – or will!)
   The cleanness of your greens I am sure will be higher – if you see a bird dropping on it you will wash it off – simple when it’s not on a HUGE scale!
   Fresheness is obviously better.  Organically grown and harvested without chemicals also means the beneficial bacteria on the plants is still intact – and ready to proliferate in your body or multiply in your ferment!  Researchers are proving that the anti-bacterial resistant “SuperBugs” are an issue today.  In our attempt at creating a sterile environment we are destroying good bugs with the pathogens.  How about returning to the simple notion of the, “Health of the Host” that Beauchamp spoke of?  Let’s focus on getting healthy and  encourage the beneficial bacteria in our world to proliferate – and stop using chlorine and other antibiotics (lit. Against Life) that destroy the biomes in and around us – and watch how our health improves!   The easiest steps to this end are growing your own and buying local produce.  Do it because you LOVE your family!