FALL 2018 HEALTH CLASS STARTS the week of SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2018;

by Video Conferencing

w/in person meetings available in the Inland Empire once per month!

  • Fulfill California State Health Requirement
  • Learn How to Create Healthy Habits
  • Learn How to Eat & Live Healthier
  • Learn the Truth about Drugs
  • Learn How to Normalize Weight
  • Learn How to Normalize Blood Sugar
  • Learn How Mitochondria Functions
  • Learn How Healthy Societies Ate
  • Learn How to Research Valid Health Information

For more information text Cynthia at 951-465-5415 or email at or click the link below then press on “Overview”:

High School Health Course

Teaching Homeschool Health has been a passion for me for years. I had been a Nutritional Consultant before homeschooling our children, so as our children were in 9th grade, it seemed a natural fit for me to teach this High School Requirement to our children and their friends.

For almost ten years now I have been writing a book to use as a text to help in the process of teaching health.

This Fall I plan to offer High School Health to Homeschool families in the Grand Terrace, Corona, Inland Empire, Mira Loma, Riverside, Redlands, Moreno Valley and San Bernardino areas using several amazing books – and a Journal so students can document their understanding.

A big focus in my class has been helping the students to create a new health habit in their lives.  After all, we learn 100% of what we do!  It has been exciting to watch the transformation as these young people develop habits that improve their health.  Whether their new habit is regular exercise or consuming more vegetables, they get to experience the fact that they can choose to make a new habit be a part of their lifestyle with a decision and a little determined effort!

That is where the new assignments for this class will come in.  I wanted a program that wasn’t filled with “busywork” but that helps the students dig deep, learn how to research for the information they need, read great research and valuable books and to document about what they learn in their own Journal.

Assignments will also include Videos from my most popular lectures – as well as lectures created just for this class!

The goal is a program that teaches the truth based on current research – not on what we have all heard growing up or on commercials.  The truth about the dangers of all types of drugs; the truth about how our bodies were created to heal themselves and how to provide the nutrients and environment to best allow that to happen.  I find that the moms that attend my classes also become huge fans and are grateful for the knowledge as well as the big picture.

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I look forward to meeting you!