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The SLIM! Keto Reset Course

The SLIM! Ketogenic Reset

The SLIM! Course 

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Healthy Future

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Enjoying REAL Health should be Simple!


Cynthia Cruz,

Health Coach, DipDSS 

Nutritional Consultant

This is the perfect time to focus on your health goals!


Here's to you enjoying REAL Health! 

And Blessing your family's future


Cynthia Cruz, Health Coach


SLIM! is the third book in the 

Natural Menopause: Happy, Healthy, SLIM! & Sexy series.

I'm super excited to share this

SYSTEM to help you

understand health foundations. 

Know that you can trust the way your body was designed!

You have control over your health!

You CAN succeed at your health goals!!  ...

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 REAL Liver Health!

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A healthy liver can balance hormones, process nutrients better and leave you feeling more peaceful and less stressed! 

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