High School Health Class Testimonials

Big Compliments from CHS Transcripts Office

Good Morning Cynthia,

Just wanted to pass along compliments to you regarding the detailed and in depth syllabus for your high school health class.

I recently submitted detailed syllabus and grades to the Christian Heritage Office for high school transcripts. The email response of the course description, scope and sequence of your health class was glowing.

Keep it up! Hopefully more families will be blessed by your insight, knowledge and enthusiasm.

In appreciation,

Bethany 🙂

Bethany B Homeschooling Mom

A Must Take Class before Graduation!

I'm telling everyone this is a must take class before graduation.

Bethany B Homeschooling Mom

Knowledgeable and full of heart

Thank you for being an amazing instructor. Your knowledge and heart for the LORD are such a blessing to us...

Ava H. Homeschooling Mom / Teacher

Teaching how to be healthy

Cynthia is passionate about learning and teaching how we can be using the gifts God has given us to be healthy.

Judy F. Homeschooling Mom / Ministry Leader

I learned a lot

I learned that vitamins and minerals are very important to the body and can improve the health of the body...I also learned that the different kinds of herbs are very helpful... Thank you for teaching us this whole time!

Lexie K Student

Client Testimonials of Coaching


Stop stalling with weight loss goals!

Cynthia was such a nice person and I gained so much knowledge from her. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, and so sweet. I would recommend her to anyone looking to gain more knowledge on issues that are stalling their weight loss goals

Maria M.

Highly Educated, Dear Friend, Valued Mentor

Cynthia Cruz is highly educated in the human body, and how to care for it through natural means. She has helped me immensely through dark valleys of fearful diagnosis by listening carefully, encouraging, giving powerful tips about nutrition, and always with hope in God to heal and strengthen.

I consider her a dear friend and valued mentor! These are the reasons that I recommend Cynthia Cruz.

Linda R. Mom / Artist

You have helped me so much!

My digestive issues are a thing of the past! Cynthia's program has really helped me and I tell everyone!

Jeanne B. Retired

Knowledgeable and practical

I was really struggling because long term steroid use had affected my adrenal function. Cynthia recommended high dose vitamin C, magnesium and adrenal glandular.

I was so happy with the results!

She has obviously done her homework and is very knowledgeable. She is also very practical in her approach towards the use of supplements and foods. She won't waste your time or money with a lot of extra, unnecessary supplements.

Cathy C. Homeschooling Mom -> Grandma

A Blessing

Thank you Cindy! You are such a loving and compassionate person! You have helped me so much since I have known you and both Doug and I appreciate you so very much! It is such a blessing to have you in our lives! Thanks so much!!

Kathy & Doug L Wife / Musician










“I would love to listen to her talk about health for a week solid!”


“She has a gift for communication.”

Speaker Coordinator Comments

Dear Cynthia,

Thank you so much for your willingness to share some of what you have learned about organic gardening and healthy living.

Your presentation was excellent. It was informative, engaging, organized and left us with wanting more!

You are a gifted communicator and exude warmth and kindness. We praise God for the gifts He has given you and your desire to share them with others. We came away inspired to 'excel still more' in our pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle and caring for the bodies God has given us.

With Gratitude,

Donna & Lynnette

Donna V. & Lynnette K. , Pastor's Wives / Women's Ministry Coordinators


I booked Cynthia as a speaker for my women's organization meeting. The information was so interesting and Cynthia had so much energy the ladies couldn't get enough. She was amazing and my organization is already working on having her back.

Kara A. , Business Owner

Great speaker, lots of information on nutrition and health

I'm always reluctant to book someone because you never know what you are going to get. Cynthia is super friendly and a great speaker. We are trying to bring health awareness to our department. I wasn't expecting much interaction from my employees, but there was quite a bit of it. She provided a lot of health information and answered all questions.

We have quarterly meetings and I do plan to book her again to discuss other health issues.

Elizabeth M , Quarterly Meeting Organizer for Fortune 500 Co.