Nutrition for Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy coloring, biology understanding and practical health info! What causes big pores? How can I prevent Cramps? Electrolytes for a smooth heart How do I get Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails? These questions and more will be answered!

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High School Health

Because REAL HEALTH blesses generations

My Goal for your homeschooler:

is to help your student learn:

  • health truths they can apply now
  • how to implement new habits &
  • to meet other like-minded students

May this class to be a blessing to your son or daughter's future - and their future children!

Health from a Nutritional Consultant

Health has been my field and passion long before our children came along, so when they reached High School I began teaching Health in our Co-op. I looked through many curriculums but I found my  weekly lectures  (I am told) are really  useful  and EVERYONE needs this information... but the  textbooks  either caused  confusion  (as their information didn't agree with the current research & experience) or gave the students  busywork  -homework instead of the practical life lessons about health that I wanted for our children.

Syllabus with Value

Look below and open the drop down arrow to see the curriculum outline of the course that I created. You will find it covers information that would be worth $1000s in what it could save the future families in "health care". Knowing how to stay healthy is worth FAR more than we realize until we are sick. Or have a hospital bill.

Most Health Curriculum

Most High school Health Courses  focus on pathologies  - what are the diseases that each body system could get. As a Nutritional Consultant and a Mom, this frustrated me! I could not find a curriculum that included the information I knew I wanted our children to have in order to  stay healthy  - so I created my own!

Without this information our health can start "going South"

This change doesn't happen overnight. And it really isn't your fault! When we do exactly as we are taught in school or by the media or government,

  • "cut saturated fat",
  • "cut calories" and
  • "Coke is Life"

we can be in deep trouble! These are just three of the misleading mantras we have heard so much we can say them in our sleep, but  are they true?

Slowly we learn to differentiate between what is true and what is false, but not before many find out their body is changing and get the dreaded, "Freshman 15"!

You want healthy habits for your youths!

As a parent you may have healthy habits in your household. (You may have even taught them things that you will be excited to see me reinforcing!) But does your teen understand what makes them healthy?  Will they continue healthy practices for life?

My goal is to help your student learn to know what is true, to learn how to implement new habits that they believe are important as well as meet other like-minded homeschooled high schoolers. I want this class to be a blessing to your son or daughter's future - and their future children!

Give your teen(s) the tools to take ownership of their health.

After teaching high school health for years with other textbooks, I realized these textbooks focused on what could go wrong with the body, rather than how to help the body work right! I found these texts were filled with busy work and memorization without giving teens the tools needed for lifelong health.  I created my virtual  High School Health Course   to fill that gap.

Don't just check the health requirement box with a glorified biology course. I will teach your teen why taking care of their body matters. I will give them simple, clear, practical tools that will keep them healthy  FOR LIFE.

  THOUGHTS: Scripture says, "Food does not commend us to God". He does not love us any more or less because of what we eat. The responsibility for the health of our temple, however, is ours alone - and many lose for not knowing how their bodies work and how to keep themselves healthy! My goal is that this class will provide your precious students with knowledge, tools and the ability to create new habits that can keep their temple healthier . 

With this course, your teen will learn:

  • How to build a strong immune system
  • How to develop habits for lifelong health
  • The truth about nutrition and cancer

… and much, much more.

Since this course is now 100% online, you and your teen can reap these benefits from the comfort of your own home.

For a limited time you can get:

  • LIVE weekly webinars starting June 12th, 2020
  • Lifetime access to all videos, slideshows, and audios
  • Life-changing nutritional counsel for you and your youth, no matter where you live

Having a personal nutritionist for 12 weeks could cost $1000s! I am offering you that same value for the discounted price of $249.  There is also a payment plan - two $140 payments, one now, one in a month!

Hope that helps! Sign up Now while its available!

Stay Healthy, My Friends!


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