Pumpkin, Cinderella

Cinderella Pumpkin

Cinderella Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) is a tender annual French heirloom from the 1880’s that is also known as Rouge Vif D’Etampes. The flattened, coach-shaped fruits vary from 15-40 pounds with distinctive, heavy ribs and a uniform shape resembling a red cheese wheel. The flat, shiny, red-orange pumpkins are beautiful with an exceptionally deep orange flesh and an excellent, strong and sweet flavor, commonly used as a soup tureen.

Soil & Water: Pumpkins prefer loam or sandy soil high in organic matter to hold large amounts of moisture. The plants require heavy and even water for best development. Preferred soil pH is between 6.0-7.0.

Planting & Growing: Start seeds indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost or sow seed directly when soil temperature reaches 70F. To begin growing earlier, use mulching plastics and row covers to warm the soil. Place a board underneath the fruit to help prevent rotting.

Harvesting & Storage: For immediate use, harvest when the skin loses its sheen. For storage, harvest pumpkins when fully mature. Cut the fruit from the vine, leaving 4″-6″ of stem. Cure for storage by setting in a warm, dry location for 1-2 weeks.

It was first offered commercially in America by Burpee in 1883.

Click Here to see a fascinating taste test between Cinderella Pumpkin and New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin!  Both tasted great in pies, although the Cinderella Pumpkin was a bit more moist and more stringy, it produced a LOT more pies ~ good for livestock/chicken feed too!