Basil, Genovese

Genovese Basil – Vigorous sweet basil with a classic anise flavor and appearance of Italian basil. It even has a good resistance to Fusarium Wilt, a potentially significant disease challenge for commercial growers.  This is a notably slower bolting variety of basil, a definite plus when cutting over a long period of production. Recommended for greenhouse or field production. 20-24” tall at maturity.

Once you have good soil (Click here for soil help), basil can be sown directly in the garden during warm months. Basil can be brought inside during cold months and grows best exposed to the sun from a South facing window.   Basil likes lots of sun and water!

Basil leaves are best when young and fresh – before they become woody.  Pinch the tops often and you will find that each top separates into two new sets of leaves!  Pinching makes for a bushier, more beautiful plant and may help delay bolting, getting woody and going to seed.

Last year we allowed big weeds to grow around our Basil to shelter it from the few nights of near-frost weather we experienced here in Southern California Zone 9.  It allowed us to harvest through a good part of the mild winter without going outside on cold nights to cover the plants!

A heavy mulch will help prevent water stress in hot climates as well as break down slowly to help nourish the soil.  This Basil reaches 20-24″ tall and while planting in good compost it is healthy to give it a little over 1-1 1/2′ space per plant.