If you have ever wondered what oils and fats are best for you and what ones are the worst, you are in the right place!

Start with the audio as it provides information on the difference between polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which ones to stay away from and why!

What oils does research show Contributes to Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Syndrome & Cancer?  Listen to the Audio below:


 Avocados
 Grass-Fed Butter
 Grass-Fed Beef
 Pastured Poultry
 Pastured Eggs
 Full Fat Yogurt
 Cream (ideally raw)
 Coconut Oil
 MCT Oil
 Avocado Oil
 Cod Liver Oil
 Salmon
 Salmon Oil
 Macademia Nuts (any raw nut or seed has some good oils, but they may have more carbs as well)
 Fresh Flax Oil (NEVER HEAT FLAX OIL!  And although the omega 3s in flax are great for skin and health, they do not feed the brain like fish oil does)


The most stable fats to cook with are generally those that are solid at room temperature. At our home we cook
our eggs in butter.  Butter also can add an amazing flavor to a stir fry.


I know many who choose coconut oil (refined has a bit less of the coconut flavor).
Another wise choice to fry with upon occasion at home might

be ghee, duck fat, tallow (beef fat) or lard (pig fat) – organic, of course!    


  Ok.  So that was, hopefullly, helpful information on what oils and fats we can eat and stay healthy... what about the oils to avoid?  What about the oils that research has shown causes damage to the liver and the inside of arteries?  These are the oils to avoid - check out the audio below for more information!

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