Spike Protein Protection

Stay Away from Spike Proteins?!

Avoiding contact with humans or refusing to hug another person for fear of a spike protein was not an option for me, so this post is the result of my research and experience on how to protect my family and friends.  May it bless you as well.

Who Needs Protection from Spike Proteins?

   It is believed that the vaccinated (with the experimental authorized use drug20) may shed the active cause of this coronavirus or the spike protein(1),(2) - the spike protein has now been found to be the active and damaging cause of covid19.  

These spike proteins are what are multiplied by the mRNA.  They then attach to the cell.

This means that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people need protection from the spike proteins that can attach to the cell and damage it.

What are Spike Proteins?

When people around me in a place I frequented, were vocal about being vaccinated I noticed that I would get a sore throat the morning after a visit.  That told me I needed to get the protective factors of zinc, vitamin D and epi-cor, and that has worked for me every time.  (I keep my diet low in sugars and carbs.)

One study showed that endothelial function (video on another way to protect from endothelial damage from foods - watch to the end) was damaged by spike proteins because they downgraded ACE-2 (3).  

How Do We Become Immune to Spike Proteins?

The evidence seems to suggest that the best form of immunity to covid or SARS COV2 comes after you get covid and your body produces antibodies against it.  

Does the Vaccine Give Immunity to Spike Proteins?

 In one study of 436 older transplant patients who had  not had a prior confirmed diagnosis of COVID - 19 (so they had no natural antibodies) received either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines and the study found that "the majority of participants did not mount appreciable antispike antibody responses2." 

If the immunity that protects us is not from the vaccine, maybe that is why they are refusing to accept the blood of the vaccinated to use as a source of antibodies.

Antibodies are best made as nature designed it - when the body is exposed and works to fight it.

How do We Protect Ourselves from Spike Proteins?

The following are practical steps you can take to protect yourself from spike proteins.  Simple things you may already have at home!

UPDATED 8/23/21 - Astaxanthan, DMG and Milk Thistle

Eat Foods that Contain Polyphenols

  • There are more polyphenols than we can name here they are so abundant in natural foods with color, but here are a few for your eating enjoyment! Many of the same things that helped against Covid seem to have research on them against spike proteins!  Quercetin (a bioflavonoid found in nature with vitamin C like the white of the orange and white of the red pepper); ECGC from camelia sinensis or green tea, sambucus or elderberries, red sage and herbs with salvionolic acid(13) are just a few of the many brightly and darkly colored polyphenols that are abundant in nature and help to bring zinc into the cells to stop viral replication and are also shown to be helpful against spike proteins.  New research is showing Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to be options, but I much prefer the natural - and they have worked for many of my loved ones!

Herbs that have Shikimic Acid

Shikimic Acid is an aromatic, anti-viral compound (aka polyphenol) that seems to have multiple pathways to protect someone from spike proteins' vascular damage18 that has killed some who have taken the experimental biological injection ("vaccine") given for covid this year and starting in 2020.

  • Fresh Pine Needles19
  • Star Anise
  • Fennel Seeds16
  • Wormwood or Artemisia absinthium17
  • Wild Ginger21 (Asarum hereotropoides Fr. Schmidt var. mandshuricum Maxim Kitag)

The above herbs may be made into a decoction (if a hard seed or bark) simmered for 10 minutes or steeped to make a tea, that when cooled one may drink to provide this important nutrient of protection known as shikimic acid.  

The content of shikimic acid in the wild ginger was shown to vary and increased the photosynthesis when exposed to more sunlight.21

 Shikimic acid has also been shown to prevent neurological problems or neuropathy from diabetes18.  It also prevents collagen from degrading (like occurs in OsteoArthritis (OA - interestingly, another problem that occurs with lack of vitamin d, cancer, also can have this collagen degredation in advanced stages.  Some use glutamine to prevent this degrading of collagen... could herbs with shikimic acid be helpful in such cases?  Worth considering!)


  • Herbs that are good against parasites seem to be helpful against spike proteins.  (Think of the drugs purported to be effective like ivermecten and chloroquine - they are also anti-parasitics!)  There is research that herbs from the artemesia family are effective against spike proteins.   Wormwood, aka artemesia absinthum, I have seen many use to rid themselves of parasites.  Wormwood is bitter... parasites are said to be happy to get out of a body with this bitter component in it! (amazingly, this herb is also the main ingredient in bitters to make certain alcoholic beverages). This research article speaks of artemesia annum(7).

    In Dec of 2019, by some coincidence I started adding a fresh, organic clove (Syzygium aromaticum) to my cacao beverage every day. It really wasn’t for any particular reason other than that I enjoyed it. Cloves are said to be helpful against parasites such as giardia(8), and research shows they may be specific in the protection against spike proteins along with herbs like licorice, ginger, tea and turmeric(9).
  • I have never had any covid symptoms – even when exposed to people with it. I’m not saying it is only cloves, I keep my vitamin D level up and take zinc with a zinc-ionophore (from polyphenols or EpiCor from sacchamaryces cervasiae) whenever I need to. Research from 2005, 2010 showed chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to be effective against SARS Cov1 and research reviews from 2021 show both as effective against SARS COV2.

Many people that I have seen struggle with parasites eat a lot of sugar leading to the third method of protection against spike proteins and that is correcting metabolic dysfunction:

Correcting Metabolic Dysfunction

 Looking back on the research from the pandemic, we can see that the people who have had the most trouble battling covid are those who had metabolic problemsAgain, we find that many of the same things that helped against Covid seem to have research on them against spike proteins! 

What Does a Healthy Metabolism Look Like?

Think of how it feels to know that you are burning off the calories that you consume... think of not having to worry about eating every two hours because of low blood sugar... think of not being told that you're at risk of diabetes.   That is when your metabolism is working right.  What does it look like to have metabolic problems?

Metabolic Problems

The diseases labeled obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart disease and metabolic syndrome all have the same underlying metabolic problems.  I would add that these diseases often begin with liver problems (and one of three Americans have the beginning of liver issues.)

  What causes these metabolism and liver problems?  My theory is that a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates (and environmental toxins) are a big part of the cause.  Why do I say that?  When people I have met have liver and kidney issues, their diet is usually high in carbs.  

"I hate Carbs" said no honest person - ever!

And I am not saying you have to give up all carbs forever to correct metabolic dysfunction!  But if you really want to see a difference in your level of energy, your blood sugar regulation and you want to legitimately lessen your fear of health problems, you may want to consider a five week keto diet plan (like I offer for free on my first email.)

After that, you will find you are more aware of the carbs you eat.  I like to choose just my favorite carbs to indulge in.  It keeps the body healthier and makes the immune system work at its best to protect you from spike proteins!

 The truth is, when someone has metabolic issues, even the flu becomes more dangerous.  What is amazing, though is that there is something we can do about it!  Fixing your metabolic health may take time and commitment, but I can tell you through experience it is so worth it!

How Does this Fight the Pandemic?

Most people get over the coronavirus relatively quickly and with few issues.  Neither Hubby nor I ever got it, but have been close (sometimes very close!) to some who had mild to moderate cases. 

 But those who have metabolic issues (or low vitamin D or zinc) may have more trouble battling this.

  I have seen people with metabolic issues do quite well if they keep their Vitamin D levels up (some research says 40-60ng/ml to prevent viral infections(10), K2 and magnesium to increase absorption of D(11) and Zinc levels up - and sugar intake low. 

An author of one of the top researched books in my library, wrote an article published in the WallStreet Journal(5) that talks more about this topic of fighting the pandemic through better metabolic health(6) Nina Teicholz has researched this topic greatly!

What if fighting the pandemic is a matter of taking more personal responsibility to keep our metabolism healthy?  My goal is to give you the tools to get your best metabolic health!


We are being told by the media that coronavirus, variations of covid and spike proteins will now always be with us.  I will not argue for the media's level of truth nor for whether they will always be with us or leave us with traditional versions of the flu, but keeping your immune system strong is always a great idea - especially today!


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