What Bad Chemicals are in My Makeup?

 Every day we put over 12 items on our skin to make it look its best.  These 12 may contain 168 chemicals.6  

The problem begins when some of these items contain toxins or chemicals  that your body has trouble eliminating.

I am going to guide you through some of the toxins in makeup, why some can accumulate and cause cancers, and a healthier way to finish your face beautifully!

The Type of Toxins that can accumulate and cause cancers

Most natural products are recognizable by the liver and relatively easy to clear.  In order for a product to be patented, however, it cannot be in its natural form.  Products that are patentable can make a lot more money, yet these products are far more difficult for the liver to eliminate.  So they accumulate...

Toxins in Makeup

Did you know makeup can contain lead?  The heavy metal they banned from our paint for its toxicity is used in lipstick to make it last 24 hours(!) As quoted from The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics1:

"Our findings:

  • 61 percent of lipsticks contained lead, with levels ranging up to 0.65 parts per million.
  • Lead-contaminated brands included L’Oreal, Cover Girl and even a $24 tube of Dior Addict"

Endocrine Disruptors

You have heard of the pesticides that are killing off the bees?  Most of them are in the family of endocrine disruptors, meaning they interfere with normal action and detoxification of hormones.  Endocrine disruptors commonly found in conventional makeup include parabens2.  Parabens have been found in breast cancer tissue, and there is a suspicion that there may be a link to infertility and endometriosis5 and Europe began proceeds against such chemicals back in 19993.  It is estimated that typical skin care and cosmetics may provide us with 50mg of such parabens per day.

Chemical Cocktails

Could your makeup be providing you with a daily dose of chemical cocktail?  An organization to prevent cancer, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners: Exposing the Cause is the Cure, has done research and says their science shows low dose chemical exposure - especially when they are in combination - can cause negative effects - and few such combos have been researched3.  

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