What Does it Mean to Find Your Health Hack?

What Does It Mean to


                                               "Because Improving Health is often Incremental..."

Tips That Make Your Body Work Better

Such helpful tips I Call #HealthHacks!

#Health Hacks are based on years of research and experience with clients as well as personally.


Have you experienced irritating health issues that seem tolerable - some days?  Or issues that you'd rather not bother your doctor about... or what if you've already asked your doctor but his or her solutions didn't qualify for you?

If your answer is yes, read on!  (No claims to being a doctor are made.)


1.) Each one of us is an individual with different wants, needs, desires and potential.  You live in your body and are most qualified to determine the area(s) you may be lacking.  (Thus you are the one best qualified to #FindYourHealthHack!)

2.) Just like a car needs oil - and won't run well or for long without it - there are nutrients your body needs that can make a huge difference in the way you feel!  (To continue with the car analogy, there are also anti-nutrients - like sugar - that can gunk up a car's engine - or your body's engine!!)

3.)  We are all too busy to waste time feeling guilty about what we did or didn't do yesterday.  Sometimes timely information can keep us on track to do what we already know is best.

4.) Most people don't have time to study at Nutritional College (like the accredited Huntington College of Health Sciences);  most don't have the advantage of clients returning with testimonials of what worked for them - like I am grateful to have!

5.) Most don't have the money to hire a Private Health Coach to guide them on their journey.  (If you would rather have a Private Health Coach, email me and I can - hopefully - arrange time to work with you.)

So, #HealthHacks are my way of sharing tips and tricks that have worked in the lives of many, in a way that everyone has access to.  Every two weeks I plan to add to the database of #HealthHacks - as I share these tips and tricks with you by email.  Get your free subscription here!

Stay Healthy, My Friends!


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