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the Best Education Possible Is In Your Hands

As a homeschooling mom, how your children turn out lies squarely on your shoulders.

Your children are getting older.  Every year you search high and low for the best curriculum available.  You realize that not every subject is best for you to teach.  This year, what courses will you teach yourself?  What classes will you get teachers for?

You walk beside them and speak into your children's lives daily about health.  Yet the reality is that one out of three people today have diabetes or pre-diabetes.  So even with so many being taught health by mom, the statistics still grow every year.  Over one million people die - 650,000 of heart disease and another 535,000 die of cardiovascular disease every year in the US.  These are diseases that research says are controllable with nutrition and lifestyle.

  If we are educating our children as we were - the same as the last generation, why would we expect a different result?

You are doing something different by homeschooling, but the truth is this is the second big generation of homeschoolers and the disease numbers still continue to go up each year.

The current education on health is clearly not giving people the results they want.  No one wants blood sugar issues.  No one wants chronic disease.  Yet that is the end result for many these days.

You love your children and want the best future possible for them.  Give it to them with the BEST, research-based info with High School Health.

Module 1 Perfect Health, Bacteria And Mitochondria

Module 1 Perfect Health, Bacteria And Mitochondria

Module 4 Cholesterol And Cardiovascular Issues

Module 4 Cholesterol And Cardiovascular Issues

Module 2 Exercise Pic

Module 5 Stress, Anxiety, Pdr And Drugs

Module 5 Stress, Anxiety, Pdr And Drugs

Real Health Information

How does one identify a fake dollar bill?  

By learning every detail of a real bill we can easily spot a fake!

How does one identify false messages about health?

By mastering what is TRUE about health!

Misinformation is not just silliness.  When it affects your health, life, or liver it becomes an evil villain that must be taken down!

I want our children and yours to know what is true, have the critical thinking skills to separate truth from fiction and to have fun doing it!

This course is taught using the research on how to make it more engaging and fun… This series of classes is interesting and memorable.

To be honest, every semester the class becomes more memorable, with more clarity and valuable research.  

A Nutritional Consultant for twelve weeks live online should cost thousands!  A heart for homeschoolers and an appreciation for the teamwork it takes to keep mom home, so this is kept inexpensive to be provided to homeschoolers largely as a ministry.

Is This My Fault?

Health challenges are not your fault, and now that you know there is something you can to to educate your children better on prevention, you have the opportunity and the responsibility to provide this education for your children.

Why Not Keep Doing What I'm Doing?

You may be asking yourself why not keep doing what you’re doing?  If you like the results you are getting, keep doing what you are doing… but if you have the opportunity to improve the health of your children and grandchildren by instilling a knowledge of and love for real health, I know you would do all that you can to make it happen!

Why Should I Trust You?

I have been a nutritional consultant on and off for over thirteen years, homeschooled for twenty, given many lectures on health and earned a Diploma of Comprehensive Nutrition and a Diploma of Dietary Supplement Science on top of my AA in Child Development.  

My podcast, health by design will be out 2/02/22 – listen if you’d like to learn more about health or more about how the foundations of health are taught.

 The media, big pharma and big food are big reasons I have decided to be a voice to fight misinformation and help children be healthier.

Why Is High School Health Different?

Taught by a Nutritional Consultant

This course has the info contained in the best of the best of the health textbooks available, yet it is completely different.  

I was a Nutritional Consultant for years before we had conceived, had children and began homeschooling.  I gave birth to our two children at home, then homeschooled with a mind for what helps children be healthy.

Our daughter went to the doctor once in her life – and the doctor gave her antibiotics.  It may be one of my big regrets as a mom.  I still wonder if that was really necessary and have done TONS of research on the ubiquitous use of antibiotics in our society – and what happens when beneficial bacteria is destroyed.   A passion for research and an understanding of the body's amazing design has helped me to help many thousands of people solve health issues.  I documented what works and took copious notes.

When our oldest reached 9th grade I started teaching High School Health in our homeschool co-op.  I searched all over for the best health textbook to teach from.  The best one at the time I only used for a couple of years.  

That was when I realized that my goal of helping children live healthy, without disease, without needing hospitals or dentists, was not served well by giving them the current textbooks on the market today for homeschoolers.  Students  weren't going to remember info from the busywork answering the text’s questions on what diseases a body system might get.  (They might remember the drudgery of an hour's worth of homework per night!  Reminds me of jumping through hoops doing school work yet not retaining info past the next test!)

I had gone back to work part-time as a Nutritional Consultant and was giving lectures and speaking weekly with hundreds of people, helping them solve their health issues.  What a blessing when someone returned with a good report on how their health improved by my suggestions!  It wasn’t just my wisdom as the Nutritional Center paid for me to continue my education at the only accredited school of Nutrition in the US.

I created lectures for High School Health to serve as the foundation to help students understand a new paradigm – a new way of thinking about how our amazing body is designed that would help them grasp that they are  created by God and designed for health.  

I want students to understand that their health is their responsibility.  Teens need to know they can reason to consider what to do when something is off.  

For example, if a young person gets a headache, I want them to think, “did I have enough water yesterday?  Did I drink too much caffeine? Is my headache because I’m constipated or maybe lacking magnesium?  Am I feeling stressed or pressured for some reason?” rather than wondering what kind of ibuprofen or aspirin is in the cabinet.

I wanted our youths to take responsibility for how they feel. First and foremost, I wanted them to pray and rely on God in every area – including and especially with health.

 So the lectures are designed to provide a framework for understanding what the body needs to correct the misinformation about health that many of us have heard all of our lives.  When we have such a framework, we can put ideas through to test their reasonableness.  We can recognize when an idea is silliness or when a thought about health has merit.

Why Can I Not Teach This Myself?

I suppose you could save a buck by teaching the class yourself using a popular science textbook company’s health program, but your children will finish their health semester knowing more about pathologies and far less about how to solve or prevent nutritionally resolved issues.

 I believe the “other” textbook will also leave your children more bought into the current system… risking that they will end up as so many statistics these days.  One third of people today are diabetic or pre-diabetic.  I am not saying that if your student takes this class that they will never get diabetes or another disease – you know that depends far more upon their choices… but they will be better prepared to prevent such issues.

  They will know that there are ways to reverse illness and they will be better prepared to research solutions.

Health is too important to risk not doing all you can to get the best for your children and grandchildren.

What Do You Have to Lose?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I have a thirty day money back guarantee… to be honest I also have encouraged parents to attend my classes and those who have, say that this is a course everyone needs – young people and parents alike!  (But at this time I do not offer such a course for the general public and my coaching is far more expensive.)

Here’s what people are saying about

the High School Health course

Helping Moms and Homeschoolers Have the Health of their Life

Bethany B.

Homeschool Mom after three of her children attended High School Health

A Must Take Class!

"I'm telling everyone this is a must take class before graduation!"

Ava H.

Homeschool Mom & College English Teacher

Amazing Instructor!

"Thank you for being an amazing instructor. Your knowledge and heart for the LORD are such a blessing to us..."

Linda R.

Mom & Artist

Highly Educated in the Human Body & Caring For it Naturally!

Cynthia Cruz is highly educated in the human body, and how to care for it through natural means.  

She has helped me immensely through dark valleys of fearful diagnosis by listening carefully, encouraging, giving powerful tips about nutrition, and always with hope in God to heal and strengthen.  

I consider her a dear friend and valued mentor!  

What Your Student Will Learn

Real Health through


This is what High School Health will do for your youths:

  • Give your student a foundation for self-responsibility in health
  • have them be less likely to reach for a drug as the answer to a health questions
  • the future parents of your grandchildren are more likely to be healthier when the time comes

Live classes taught by a Nutritional Consultant at an amazing price!

How Do I Know This Is Not A Scam?

Scams seem to be everywhere these days, and although I’m not aware of one in my industry that doesn’t mean they’re not there so lets talk about it!

 I realize that this High School Health Course sounds too good to be true.  The truth is I do it more as a ministry than a big vehicle for profit (If profit was my only goal, I would choose to do something else;)

Most, if not all of my students have come as referrals from the parents of past students who have been thrilled with my classes.

One parent allowed her two oldest to choose their health curriculum.  One chose the big homeschool science curriculum health and nutrition text the year it came out.  The other chose my class.  The one who chose my class was so excited every week about what she was learning that the next two younger siblings also took my class!

If that is not enough to convince you, I have asked some parents whose children have attended my classes if they’d mind talking to parents who are on the fence about my class and they would be happy to talk with you!  

Send me your phone number and I’l have one give you a call!


Your students will:

  • know how to create a new health habit 
  • learn to research 
  • navigate the internet for truth 
  • understand how the immune system works 
  • learn if research shows people live longer when in the sun regularly or when avoiding sun
  • What the well-researched metabolic theory says are the three causes of cancer and ways to combat/avoid it
  • learn what to stay away from to get healthier faster when they start to become ill 
  • understand the dangers of antibiotics 
  • prevent cardiovascular disease
  • know the exercises to bring space to discs, neurons happier and strength to bones 
  • learn ways to repair DNA and fix mitochondria 
  • understand what sunshine can do for them 
  • learn the diseases vitamin D prevents
  • What happens if cholesterol is too low?
Nutrients for Health!

Your Student will learn:

  • The nutrient to take with vitamin D to prevent toxicity or calcium to accumulate where it doesn’t belong 
  • The organs that contribute and -OH group to help the sun convert cholesterol into Vitamin D
  • how something is grown can affect its nutritional value 
  • Nutrients for better immune function
  • a simple way of composting 
  • how the immune system matures 
  • the differences between organic food and conventional 
  • what happens to the family whose chickens are given antibiotics 
  • Nutrients to feed the nerves and brain
  • how the integumentary immune system protects your body from invaders
  • where cellular energy is created 
  • learn the protections God provided in our innate immune system 
  • learn what you can do if something gets past those protections 
  • the nutrients needed for adaptive immune strength 
  • a common food that can cause kidney damage, liver damage and neurotoxicity if eaten to excess over 30 or so years 
  • a nutrient that blocks aggressive cell division (as in cancer)
  • the nutrients required for the body to heal teeth and repair caries 
  • why the adaptive immune system was so named 
  • what foods are high in carbs 
  • a nutrient that increases breast cancer survival rates 
  • the nutrients in cod liver oil 
  • what foods are not cariogenic 
  • signs you may be low in vit. D 


 Real Health Benefits Generations

The Best Online Course for Natural Health

for High School Homeschoolers

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About the Course Teacher, Cynthia Cruz

Cynthia learned about fasting and nutrition when ill as a teen when her mother, taking a nutrition course got her better and started Cynthia on a lifelong quest.

With an AA in Child Dev; a Dip. of Dietary Supplement Science and a Diploma of Comprehensive Nutrition,

She is excited to share secrets of real health with your young people!

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