February 11, 2022

Ep.1 Intro to health by design

Creating this podcast has been a labor of love for me. Over the last couple of years, I'm a little embarrassed that the first episode is finally coming out after all this time. But I am so excited. That it's being published on 02/ 0 2 /2 2, which is the 20 year anniversary of my wonderful little sister and her husband. And she is one of my sisters. I love them both dearly. I just wanted to say that 

if you like clean, crafted wine or would like to try wine with a little less sugar or even a lot less sugar and a lot less chemicals. This is definitely the place you want to go. It's Beyond Organic Wines (https://www.beyondorganicfam.com/) I'm just so excited to be getting started and that you're here with me. May God bless you and this give you the health of your life. 

This podcast has the premise that you have been given an amazing design from a cut that heals automatically; to a new mama whose body makes perfect milk for her baby without knowing the recipe; to our fabulous immune system that makes antibodies against the bad guys. Is it possible that studying our design could bring us a higher level of health?

Is it possible that once understood this can help you live your healthiest life? Our goal is to 

help you live a life worthy of the calling you have received. And that requires energy. We know we need to eat right and exercise, but to be honest,

 the messages we grow up with program us for a different outcome.

Today, we're going to take a bird's eye view of what the health by design podcast is going to be about. I actually have an overview for you that you can download in the show notes in this podcast, there are a few foundational pillars that we will go into in depth, and they're shown on this handout. In the first 10 episodes or so of the health by design podcast, we are going to explain these foundational pillars.

So I want you to picture a Roman Portico with three huge pillars, part of the foundation to real health, overarching those three pillars, overarching everything is spiritual health, beneficial bacteria and sunlight. The base of everything is exercise that brings nutrients in, toxins out ,gives you bone strength; space between your discs.

We're going to go into that in detail as well. But each of the individual pillars has an important group of topics. Host health is one; environment is another, and then health hacks or the health toolbox that give you the tools to repair things that we especially need today. Each episode is going to give you something valuable that you can take out and actually go and use today.

You'll understand what it's for. This reminds me of an IG post I saw this morning saying she graduated without learning so many skills she needs as a mom. This podcast is designed to help moms, help their families be healthier and not become a statistic. Does it sound outrageous to think that we could become a statistic?

Think about this. The reality is that 635,000 people will die this year of cancer. Research shows that nine out of 10 of these causes for that are preventable. The things that cause cancer, yes, we can avoid - if we know about them and to be fully honest, think about that number 635,000 people, nine of the 10 things are in our control says research, but honestly, new research shows that even the 10th cause is within our control.

So we are hearing about a virus that has killed a lot of people this year which is tragic yet, think about how many people, 635,000 is. And yet we're not hearing answers. We're not hearing how to avoid this. So we are here at health by design to fill that gap. Another 525,000 people will die this year of cardiovascular disease

that research also says is preventable. So what do we do over one and a half million people will die this year and every year, because they live in a way that we accept as normal. So we're going to talk a lot about this on the podcast, how to recognize the messaging that is not good for your health, but that is so common

we can often repeat it without even thinking about. We want you to have the vibrant health that gives energy. So the first pillar we will call the 

host health

So be sure to listen to episode two, as I explain in more detail, what this pillar entails, it is a nourishing diet timed, right with intermittent fasting in a way to repair mitochondria and lengthen telomeres.

These are things that have been shown to improve health and actually lengthen our lives. So be sure to listen. The second pillar is going to be about 


So we're going to touch on things like emotions, the chemicals in our environment and liver cleansing sounds fascinating. Right?

Actually, it is a fascinating topic. Liver cleansing has real world consequences. Let me give you an example. When I had blood sugar issues, I had them for 30 years. Liver cleansing was what was part of what helped me totally reverse that. So how do you have blood sugar issues for 30 years and not get rid of them?

And not get diabetes. Praise the Lord. I'm so excited. I, I got to reverse it and didn't become another statistic. So when I had blood sugar issues, how did I handle it? I'd eat something with a little bit of protein, every two hours without fail. I'd make sure my diet was low in sugar. Yet. I still didn't feel good if I didn't eat for the most part, all I could do was control it.

And if I didn't eat for more than a few hours, I felt light-headed, I didn't feel good. It just wasn't right. And liver cleansing is one of the things that helped me get rid of those blood sugar issues. So we're going to go into detail on that, on another episode as well. But as we go over this bird's-eye view, I wanted you to see a little piece of each of the pillars and why they were important.

So pillar three is the health toolbox and I like to call the tools that are in the health tool Health hacks or 

#health hacks
because I feel like in our society, there are things that everybody seems to need. To give you an example, magnesium. I feel like we should and actually we will go -into a full episode to give you the different ways that it's useful, but the fact is our soils are deficient,

so even if you ate your vegetables that are supposed to contain magnesium, chances are your deficient. It's one of those things that almost everyone seems to need. And there are signs that you need magnesium from constipation to headaches, to tension, to high blood pressure, to cramps. There are a lot of reasons we need magnesium and that we might not be getting enough.

So those are the type of things that I want to talk about in this podcast, as well as the things from that infographic that will be covered by me, or occasionally we'll have a guest.. Each episode, we'll look into how we are designed, meaning you could look into your old college biology text and find the information about how we're designed.

And we're going to talk about the implications of how this biology can be affected with nutrition. Also, considering what makes sense with how we are designed. And this is what can give you true wisdom when it comes to your hea lth... Here's a great example at the beginning of COVID in January, 2020.

There was a sign on the wall at our nutritional center, a letter that notified us that a disease was coming from China. It said that this disease was serious and that we were not to tell anyone that something nutritional could help against it. Of course, what did we do? We immediately began to research and we found studies from the first SARS Co-V one that showed what natural things and drugs were used successfully back in the 2005 and 2010 studies, looking back on 2003. Now I'm not a big fan of drugs to put it mildly. So I went and did a bunch of research and I've found natural things that seem to work in the same way. And it worked for me as I didn't get ill for about 20 months or so,

and then of course I got natural immunity. But during that early time, some people were saying that Sambucus was causing cytokine storms and that we should stay away and stop recommending it - just to be safe, but that didn't make any sense to me because I understood our design. Inflammation is often necessary with an injury or an illness in the process of healing.

Research shows elderberry or Sambucus to be an immune modulator and also as zinc-ionophore, to bring zinc into the cell. So we'll talk about that more in another podcast, but the research had shown that zinc-ionophores bring zinc into the cells to stop the replication of a virus. But the studies used chloroquin as the zinc-ionophore. Remember chloroquine, the drug and hydroxy chloroquine is supposed to be the less toxic form of chloroquine.

I have a client that was using it for years for Lupus. So anyway, the studies used a drug and because I don't like drugs. And to be honest with you, I haven't had a drug in 30 years and I don't plan to ever take another. So I wanted to find a natural zinc Guyana for, and as I researched it, I found, oh my goodness! Sambucus is a zinc-ionophore because it's high in polyphenols!. Another zinc-ionophore that you may have heard a lot about recently is Kiersten Q U E R C E T I N. It's one of the bioflavonoids and it also helps zinc come into the cells so that the zinc can stop the viral replication. So one of the things that was most important to know though, was that Sambucus was an immune modulator.

It didn't cause the immune system to go crazy. It actually knew when the immune system needed to calm itself down or when it needed to kick itself up so that the person could heal. When a cytokine storm occurs. It's actually when the body doesn't know when to shut that inflammatory process down. Your body needs inflammation to be able to do its work sometimes, but it also needs to know when to shut it down, or it can be so inflammatory that it can kill a person. That's a cytokine storm.

So I was thinking the only thing that would make sense was that people who got a cytokine storm were low in vitamin D. And I came to this conclusion because I 

understood our design

I wasn't led astray thinking, oh my goodness, this product that we're using is dangerous because I knew that didn't make sense.

The research showed that Sambucus modulates or normalizes the response and vitamin D also does. The body has 2,700 receptor sites. And if they're not filled with vitamin D, the body cannot know when the job of inflammation is done and when it needs to be shut down to protect the body from a cytokine storm.

Our design says that a body with enough vitamin D cannot normally suffer from a cytokine storm. Sure enough later research showed that cytokine storms occurred in people with low vitamin D and we continued recommending and enjoying Sambucus daily as a part of our prevention program.

So consider this,

if nutrition is important, should it not be the first thing considered and not pushed into a corner of its own to make it look like nutrition, it's just some other field that has nothing to do with healthcare or keeping the body healthy. It's amazing to me how this plays out in real life. I went to a conference once where a doctor was speaking to breast cancer survivors and he said, and I quote, "nutrition can affect whether you get cancer a second time," unquote, then later during Q and A, a lady asked, "so what should I eat to prevent getting cancer a second time?", the doctor looked taken aback and said, ,

"what you eat has nothing to do with it!" oh, my watch for that kind of duplicity these days - it's more common than we realize! He had just finished saying that the nutrition that we have can affect whether you get breast cancer a second time, and then he denied it. I do want to make clear that I don't blame that doctor.

A lot of times they're trained in a certain way. They're trained well in drugs and that's what they know about. So nutrition may be out of their scope unless they do research on their own. But it doesn't change the fact that we need to be responsible for the messages that we accept as true. It is my prayer that listening to these episodes regularly, will help you become more aware of the messages that are in our society that are not true.

I want you to recognize when something doesn't make sense, according to our design.

So besides looking into our design and the nutrients needed for health, this podcast will also consider how healthy civilizations of the past may have been nourished. I think exploring these people groups is really important for us today. Can you even imagine a society where they don't have dentists' because no one has cavities?

Can you imagine living where there are no hospitals because no one has degenerative disease? Yet these people live happy and healthy without our modern interventions. You know what? They don't even have grocery stores. Think about that for a minute, what would they eat? That's the kind of food we need to be eating, right?

The kind of food that you don't necessarily find in a grocery store; the kind that doesn't require that we have dentists and doctors in order to keep us healthy. We will consider what the current research says, as well as classical historical nutritional books. We hope to bring you a balanced view of how to attain your most vibrant self by 


May every episode, bring you a day closer to the vibrant health that you really want! Be sure to listen regularly, like and subscribe and tell your friends, we'll do our best to give you proven value that you can apply every day. And if you'd like to delve deeper into these topics or have some personal coaching consider supporting our private account. There, we will answer your individual questions

and we have other bonuses like reading out of a classic health texts that aren't available anymore in print. And we'll give you more well-researched and valuable tidbits for your health. Health by design the podcast that helps moms help their families have a healthier life. Stay healthy, my friend!
health by design
health by design
Ep.1 Intro to health by design

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Ep.1 Intro to health by design

Ep.1 Intro to health by design


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