March 29, 2022

Ep. 9 Metabolism pt3 Benefits of Keto

Research on Repairing Metabolism with Keto

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Today’s episode we’ll explore what research says about the benefits of keto. I recorded it a few years ago, but the info is just as timely today.

Your body can be fueled by sugar or fat. The body prefers sugar, just like we do.

The problem is sugar is a quote unquote, “dirty fuel”. It leaves behind byproducts by metabolizing it just like burning wood in the fireplace leaves ashes behind. Short-term sugar consumption can lead to candida yeast infections, urinary tract infections, or make one more prone to illness by feeding bad bacteria.

Years of too much sugar can lead to a messed up metabolism. How do we fix it? For me and many others, a short-term on keto is part of what reverses the damage that eating sugar long-term does to the body. With no further ado, I present to you the benefits of Keto.

This is the first class of the SLIM! Ketogenic reset.

It’s really made a huge difference in my life. And I’m hoping that it’s just transformational for you as well. This is for those who want to lose weight, those want to get slim and know the traditional diets don’t work. The fascinating thing- and the reason why I’m so excited about this is because it actually helps to reset the metabolism. I think as Americans, we eat in a certain way that has the tendencies to gunk up our system and having something that can reset the metabolism.

It gets everything working the way it should again, and hopefully better than before, but eat normally and still have our body repair itself. So that’s the correcting, the metabolism that I’m excited about. And we’re going to talk more about that today and slowing aging.

This can be helped for those who want a better quality of life as they grow older. Obviously I know you and I am Cynthia Cruz for anyone who doesn’t know. Love helping people get real health. I have a diploma in dietary supplements science. I’m a veteran homeschool mom and I have a passion to see more families get healthy.

One of the things I do is help people get healthy and slim. So usually I do this through lectures and one-on-one counseling and writing books. But I really want to help more people’s lives be changed. So that is what we’re starting right here. There is no magic bullet to health. This course obviously requires your participation and I am not a medical doctor.

And if you want disease diagnosis, conventional tests or medical treatment, you’ll want to see your MD. Not me. So intro is “Your Body’s Fuel”. And then we’re going to talk about research or the big why, and then healthy choices, charting your goals.

So when you get a chance in the dashboard of your teachable course, Is the slim ketogenic reset, and you can either download it or put it in a place where you can access it more regularly, maybe even on your phone so that you can get some of the recipe, suggestions, shopping ideas, those kinds of things are all in there.

We’ve always been told cutting calories and starving yourself and exercising more helps you to get slim, but it seems like the slimmest and the healthiest of us are not the ones who starve themselves nor exercise more.

I think we’ve all seen that. Biology 2 0 1 says our body converts sugar or fat as a fuel and our body prefers sugar, just like we do. And so if we can eliminate sugar long enough that our body says, oh, I better find another source of fuel. It will find the ketones that the liver is producing because of the shortage of carbs. And it will begin to use fat as a fuel.

And that is the beginning of all the magic that happens when you do the slim ketogenic reset. So this course will help you replace the unhealthy carbs with yummy healthy foods. The goal is not to starve yourself, but to have things that you enjoy and yet things that balance blood sugar and help you lose fat and stay satisfied.

I’m really excited about talking about the research right now. there was a 2012 study that found that the keto diet lost significantly more body weight, fat mass, and total waist circumference and lowered insulin levels than a diet that’s simply lowers calories.

And I think I’m speaking to the choir here today. You guys already realized this. each of these little squares shows research, peer reviewed medical journal research that I’ve found. The first one is on fat loss that this diet retrains the body to burn fat again, while preserving muscle mass, they’ve used it for cancer patients. It brings insulin down. And you know, when insulin levels are up, research also shows that in cumulation of that occurs in the arteries and it’s the beginning of metabolic syndrome. And so with this type of diet, it also increases the quality of life.

And I’ll read you one of the conclusions. One of the studies said, studies show that BHB beta hydroxy butyrate, a known alternate metabolic fuel, is also an anti-inflammatory molecule that may serve as a treatment for gout.

We’ve also found in the research that this can be used as a effective adjunct therapy because it feeds healthy cells while starving bad cells.

There are certain cells in your body that may reproduce uncontrollably. And a lot of times they use radiation or chemotherapy to try to stop those cells from reproducing too much.

And they’ve actually found that this diet can allow healthy cells to thrive while allowing radiation to go against the bad cells more effectively. So pretty exciting research there. Another piece of research on this diet is that it reduces triglycerides. It modestly increased LDL, which is considered the bad type of cholesterol, but the favorable effects overall for cardiovascular disease.

Actually brought HDL, which is the good cholesterol up and it brought triglycerides down and it’s kind of interesting. We consider LDL cholesterol to be bad. yet the reality is that there are different types of LDL cholesterol. It’s the little more dense particles that are ones that we want to avoid, but if you get your LDL cholesterol too low research says that death from all causes goes up.

So there is a place that you want to have your LDL and HDL, although in the big picture of things, it’s the ratio that matters more. Some of the other research shows that it helps maintain muscle mass in lymphoma patients. And I thought this was so fascinating because I was talking to a friend of mine at church the other day. And she’s like, I’m kind of afraid to do that diet because I am so skinny already. I don’t want to get more skinny. And that tends to be one of the problems with terminal cancer patients, right. Is that their body. I don’t want to say it like this, but kind of eats its own muscle mass. And this helps this diet helps retain muscle mass.

the research literally said the ketogenic diet may reverse the weight loss seen in terminal cancer. Patients shows encouraging results, safety, and feasibility. It also, it’s actually been used since the 1930s to stop seizures in children and adults. It has been shown to slow the accumulation of cellular debris.

It corrects blood sugar issues, and they found that beneficial in type one and type two diabetes. It reduces obesity and actually helps reverse metabolic dysfunction. A lot of times when people have diabetes or blood sugar issues for a long period of time, The symptoms of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol.

All of these symptoms put together are what they call metabolic syndrome. And that’s what this diet helps to reverse. It’s been shown to slow plaque in the brain. Yay. You know, a lot of people, well in our family, actually, my grandmother passed of Alzheimer’s and so it’s a real concern with all the talk about genes predisposing you to a disease. When you hear that someone in your family has cancer or Alzheimer’s, you tend to be concerned, but what’s exciting is that the current research shows that it’s not the genetics that determine whether you’re going to get that disease. so much as the epigenetics or what’s around your cells. (Listen to Episode 8).

So as you change the environment that your cells are in your predisposition toward those diseases changes, you don’t have to have the same diseases that your family does, even if you have the same genetics, very exciting research. One of the things about the ketogenic diet. Is it slows plaque accumulation in the brain because it’s a cleaner, fuel. Sugar is a dirty fuel and it leaves residue in the brain.

And they think that that may be part of the beta amyloid plaque that accumulates in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Of course, you’ve heard that it may be aluminum, you know, there are other factors for sure, but the research said that it feeds the brain with clean fuel. When you do the ketogenic diet research shows cognitive improvement in neurological diseases.

Mary Wagner, her husband got Alzheimer’s disease at like 50 years old. Really young. And she was able to actually get him from where he couldn’t even pass a test to join a clinical trial to test. He failed. She did tons of research online found that coconut oil is a good fuel for the brain.

Gave him a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil in his oatmeal. And although he didn’t seem more lucid on the way to the test. When he went into the test, he actually scored four points higher. So on the first test, he scored like a 13 out of 30 and he needed to be at least a 15 to participate in the trial.

That’s what it’s called! So he retook the test that day after the coconut oil. And actually scored a 17. So he’s scored four points higher and was able to enter the trial now by the grace of God, she said that for the first year and a half, he was on a placebo. And so dietary interventions were what she did with him.

Got him to the point where he was not able to read and with this dietary intervention of the ketogenic diet, he was able to read again. He said, for some reason the letters came back together. They weren’t all floating bubbles all over the place and he was able to read so fascinating story and she talks more about why this works.

More research on the ketogenic diet and improves energy production of the cells, right. Where it begins in the mitochondria. And I got to tell you, I’m super excited about this part because for the last, maybe four years or more, I’d been really struggling with my energy levels, to the point where I wasn’t able to easily get off the couch on my days off.

And now energy is not an issue at all. And I don’t ever think it’s one thing that makes a difference for us. A lot of times it’s many things, but this is a big part of it. I do feel like something has changed at a very deep level and maybe it’s at the mitochondrial level where the research says it is.

Supposedly, there are five different ways that the ketogenic diet can help repair tissue at the mitochondrial level where your body is producing your energy in order to give you more. So I really believe it’s part of that picture for me. It also has been shown to improve heart function.

Research shows that the heart prefers healthy fats as a fuel just like the brain., and that when it has healthy fats, it has less oxidative damage, so it also has been shown to repair DNA in a similar way to fasting. And they think that may be why it also helps with seizures. Cause you can’t really have a child that’s growing fast, but doing the ketogenic diet allows those benefits of fasting to occur with a child or with an adult.

People that I’ve talked to at the store, when they quit eating bread, they get relief from pain. And I’ve had several people tell me this.. So doctors may say that losing weight is what is required, but from the people that I’ve talked to, it seems like the relief from their pain often comes from stopping bread often before the weight is lost.. Research also shows that we may be better off with the fewer dietary carbs as we age. Sugar is a dirty fuel -as we talked about -producing 30 to 40% more free radicals than burning fat or ketones, it also shows that sugar can create inflammation, which increases aging.

And so eating this type of diet helps slow your brain and body aging.. Slow carb USA started having some, regional conferences and say that the research is so compelling that they’re collecting research to help others benefit.

They’re creating guidelines for the restriction of carbohydrates as a therapeutic to help people with different ailments.

I created this because I realized it was so much more than just losing weight. And it is a little easier if they can access the information on their own time.

It used to be when I walked into the kitchen, looking for something to eat, the only thing I could think of included bread or other carbohydrates that readily turned to sugar. It’s interesting that this was also the time that I had blood sugar issues.

I’ve seen it in my own life. 30 years of blood sugar issues were reversed with a season on keto.

Added minerals, high dose, beneficial bacteria and regular exercise also helped, but not only do I feel better, something improved at the cellular level. I can feel it because I have more energy, no more brain fog, no more hormonal issues. You two can reverse the gunking up of your system that comes with the standard American diet . Reset your metabolism and get your fat burning furnace working again.

I realized that our body doesn’t heal itself overnight. I have thought deeply on how I could best help you get your best health, because it takes time and reminders to eat in a healthy way. When the world around you is eating the sad diet, I created our private podcast to help keep the reminders in your ear to help you succeed.

The gold level includes monthly group sessions, as well as the audios for only $40 a month. Right now it’s discounted for charter members and only $30 a month. Get your fat burning furnace working again, and your cells healed at the cellular level by joining us. And until next week here’s to the health of your life.

health by design
health by design
Ep. 9 Metabolism pt3 Benefits of Keto

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