This morning I saw little red dots all over the leaves of my one tomatillo plant. Up until this point it was gorgeous and amazingly green ~ having followed a crop of peas that must have fixed nitrogen well for the tomatillo.
The red mites left their damage by making a few leaves look more white than green. Upon closer inspection, the white almost looked like a webbing.
Research revealed the white was the damage the red mites leave behind ~ one site recommended destroying the plant! I tried three times to start tomatillos from seed this year. I am not sure why only this one plant in the third batch survived, but destroying it was not an option!
Further research revealed that red mites thrive in very dry environments ~ and can be drowned with sufficient water.
A short hose covered the South side of the plant revealing no red mites(!) during the evening inspection.
I also watered deeply and sprayed the tomatillo plant again in the middle of the hot day.

The Tomatillo plant ended up producing a few large harvests very late in the season!