Organizations like the Environmental Working Group ( are trying to protect us from harmful chemicals in our skin care and makeup but - 

  Are we protecting ourselves?

    The next time you reach for your facial powder, make sure you are reaching for one that is:

  • Clean
  • Natural and 
  • Beautiful!

     For years I have been giving this Facial Powder that I make to friends and relatives and gotten rave reviews...  

     Now I am ready to share it with you!

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Available in Travel container (shown above) with powder screen (approx. 2oz) in an almost translucent light/medium shade for $18.


Available in a 4oz Refill in a Glass Ball Jar for $27.50  (not shown).

     One of the most important things to me when finding a clean product for my skin, is finding ingredients that I recognize.  

     Most companies these days will give you highlights of the ingredients that they use without giving you the ACTUAL INGREDIENT LIST.

     No hiding here! 


  • Arrowroot
  • Bentonite
  • Cacao Powder
  • Ginger
  • Vitamin E
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Mica

     All Ingredients that may be labeled organic - ARE ORGANIC!!

Try your powder today!  May you be as excited as our friends who have tried it!

Let us know!

Or, enjoy our sample size 🙂 to start with...

Light/Med Unveiled Facial Powder shown in sample size

Here is Amanda sharing her enthusiasm for the powder that makes her feel


and looks so clean that her brothers don't tease her like they used to when she wore the "cakey stuff"...

Amanda is wearing our Light/Med shade.

Get your Natural Facial Powder!

Available in Light, Light/Med, Med and Dark shades.

The fairest will enjoy the light shade.

Light/Med is perfect for a fair blonde to one that tans well.

Med is lovely on my Hispanic friends.

Dark is beautiful on my darker skinned friends.


We are so convinced that you will love what our Unveiled Natural Facial Powder will do for your skin, that we offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee.  Simply return remaining product and let us know what you did not like, or be so thoughtful as to give us the opportunity to make it right!


Simple, fast and effective lasts about one week



 (plus $4


40z Glass Jar