Ahh, Tomatoes!!  Could we ever really produce enough to have extra for selling after we satisfy our appetite for eating them in the garden AND bringing them in for sandwiches AND making tomato sauce AND sharing with our neighbors?!

This year I thought it would happen.  The plants from last year survived the winter by covering the plants with blankets when frost threatened.

Tomato Plants that survived the Winter's three frosty nights!
Tomato Plants in the Early Spring

Only a few tips succumbed to frost-bite and the rest of the plants produced tomatoes VERY early in the season to get us through until the new plants began producing.

Now we are gathering handfuls of large, red tomatoes every day!  There are the two types that I planted ~ an heirloom variety with a funny shape and yummy flavor, and a beefsteak tomato that I got from a friend and saved the seeds from.  There are also some volunteer cherry tomatoes and funny pear-shaped tomatoes that appeared near the neighbor’s fence about 15′ from the main tomato plant garden!

Six days later we are having an abundant harvest of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes! Overcome by processing this abundance, I left a bag of imperfect ones for too many days.  Interestingly, below a smelly pile of soft, moldy tomatoes was a perfect, unmarred tomato!  Is this further proof of the Health of the Host being the most important factor?!