High School Health Class

LIVE-Online Fall 2022

"...a must take class before graduation."

                                                 - Bethany Barnes

"Health is one of the 12 things you must manage daily."   

- John Maxwell, Today Matters

Give your young people the tools to create the life skills to stay healthy & develop lifelong good habits 

and the inspiration to want to get healthier

Affordable yet rich with practical tips as I help them to put into action what they learn!

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High School Health

The thought of homeschooling high school can be daunting!  Moms often have the responsibility of figuring out the best classes to get online (Learn here why LIVE is best!)

 and the best ones to teach yourself.

I taught this class locally for many years

Requests from parents, 

a little motivation from Covid...

& now this class is

ONLINE w/LIVE weekly webinars!



     Check out the Video and Curriculum on the Teachable page

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REAL Health

Do your students know how to stay healthy?

Do you want Intelligent Design  reinforced?

Topics your students will learn:

  • To Prevent Disease and about
  • Calories, Carbs & healthy fats
  • Can DNA be repaired?
  • Are teeth alive & are cavities reversal? 
  • What feeds nerves, brain & thyroid?
  • Can a fever be good?

...and much more!

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LIVE Online or Pre-recorded

There is so much information on the internet today.  You could piece-meal a health and nutrition class from what is online... but will your students understand how to determine truth from fiction?

One of the things I am excited to share with your children is how to find great information, that makes sense when you understand our basic needs and how we are designed.

This type of learning is not possible if you just give them a textbook on nutrition or health.  Research shows that "cohort" learning is the ideal model.  As a homeschooler you already know this!  God's word says a student becomes like his teacher.  This is why you are the best teacher!  This is also why you choosing someone excellent in their field with a passion for health can give you the best results.  

Health is too important to leave to chance.

Health affects your children now and may affect your family and  grandchildren later!

A LIVE class can help keep your student enthusiastic to care for their health.  

COHORT learning will help them remember more and this class requires action to help what they learn to be more long lasting...

But, the reality of life today is that  we are busy!  

During the week they will read and watch enthusiastic videos, once per week we get together LIVE-Online to discuss topics, answer questions and have them express what they have learned.

See more about what this curriculum has to offer below!

Click and scroll down to see all 16 weeks now!

Reinforce Family Values

Let your children hear from someone other than you about what is important with the best health lesson plans available - done from the comfort of your home LIVE-ONLINE!

Knowing how to stay healthy gives:

  • Peace of mind and 
  • Security  
  • Fewer medical bills
  • Healthier Grandchildren!

You Want the BEST Education for Your Young People

You want the BEST possible education for your children.  This class provides a higher standard of education and more comprehensive wellness information on how to stay healthy than any semester course out there!

You want them to have:

  • Better health than you do
  • Healthy, productive lives
  • No disease and to
  • Live a life worthy of the calling they have received!

You may already know a lot about natural remedies, but you want your children to also understand why that is of first importance.

       There is no such thing as a drug deficiency!

Know the nutrients that should be found in foods and know how to replace them is a start.  

     This class has a different paradigm than most.  

High School Health will help your student to think through the causes of ailments.

  We are magnificently designed and when something goes wrong it can be found to make sense.

     When the cause is found, the solution is closer!

     This is a Christian curriculum that cuts through to how we are designed.  When you view health considering that there is a creator who made us as individuals, you are closer to finding real health and healing.

"He fashions their hearts individually;..."    - Psalm 35:15a

The lens through which you view health will determine how successful you will be in staying healthy.  We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made!

Have you ever noticed how a wound or cut on the finger heals without you telling it how?  You don't have to control the healing consciously for it to happen!  You don't need to regulate blood flow, balance hormones and control heart beats - when given the proper needs, the body can handle the rest!

When your teens get a headache, you want them to consider if they need water rather than an aspirin or a drug.  I will help them understand that they may just be dehydrated - and why not start there instead of with a drug?

What Will Your Son or Daughter Learn?

Scroll down on the order page to see full syllabus:
Module 1 Perfect Health, Bacteria And Mitochondria

Module 1 Perfect Health, Bacteria And Mitochondria = Star Wars' Midichlorion?!

Module 4 Cholesterol And Cardiovascular Issues

Module 4 Cholesterol And Cardiovascular Issues

Module 5 Stress, Anxiety, Pdr And Drugs

Module 5 Stress, Anxiety, Pdr And Drugs

Module 2 Exercise Pic

Module 2 Exercise Pic

Compare to Other Curriculums without an online Class

I wanted our children to have the best health education possible, so we started by using the Health Text

 Total Health  and even looked into the new text by Apologia Health & Nutrition

They were decent, but I found them full of things I didn't want for our children like:

  • Busywork
  • Reinforcing the pharmaceutical industry's values
  • Leading to what I considered to be wrong answers

For example, is it more important to have low cholesterol than high?  Are there more factors when considering cardiovascular health?  There was no curriculum that adequately addressed all the topics I felt were important for students to truly live healthy.

I wanted our students to trust their body because it was designed by a loving creator who is orderly.  There is an amazing amount of order in this universe!  Such order does not require man-made drugs to fill a deficiency!

 Real health is priceless!

 I continued to search for a curriculum and was, honestly, very excited when Apologia came out with their new Health and Nutrition Textbook, Curriculum and Workbooks.

Apologia Health & Nutrition:

So this one was a little more comprehensive and included a little more on nutrients for health, such as vitamin A for eyesight.  But their focus was so much on the current paradigm that I purchased the books and never showed them to a student.

Each chapter contained suggestions on work a student could do in "Health Care" while questioning the validity of those who know about nutrition.  Granted, there is one University dedication to Health Sciences, Huntington University of Health Sciences that focus on current research and nutrition that is accredited.

Most nutrition courses are not accredited - not to say that they are not valuable - the results of many accredited courses and colleges in this country may not be what you want your children to learn anyway.  Although I have received two diplomas from the only accredited Nutrition School in the United States (as of when I went) Huntington University of Health Sciences.

Current education standards and requirements may be exactly why you are homeschooling in the first place!)


Every state has different requirements for homeschooling.   For your state's requirements, click on the link below, then click on your state.

Usa Map Showing 50 States Compressor Free


We give our time and talents to help the less fortunate enjoy better health.  A portion of your tuition helps SoCalGardenHealth give back to the community.  

We educate for free, using our time and talents to help those who have been trafficked.  We also financially support such ministries that help young women regain their physical, mental and spiritual health.

I created this course for our children... I continued it as a ministry.

We homeschooled, so I understand that you want the best for your children - and are willing to invest in them to give them the best!

 Let me walk beside you to provide your children with the gift of a great education in health.

Real health is priceless!

I welcome you to attend my classes as well - Moms that do become the biggest fans of this course.  Ask a friend who has had the privilege of attending with her student(s)!

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

-Thomas Jefferson


Focus on preventioN

Research implies that keeping healthy may prevent disease.   

This course focuses on these tools by helping your student develop a new health habit and journal weekly about their health and what they learn.

  • Immune system Health & Nutrients Needed
  • What do antibiotics do to beneficial bacteria?
  • Feeding the "good guys"
  • Native diets
  • Healthy fats, proteins and carbs
  • Where are the hidden carbs in our diet?
  • What happens when mice eat all they want?
  • Are vitamins and minerals important?
  • Understanding cholesterol
  • Bone strengthening and oxygenating exercises
  • Creating habits
  • Stress, sleep and avoiding heavy metals
  • Herbs in your backyard?  Essential oils
  • Staying away from drugs
  • Spiritual disciplines for health
  • Why organic?
  • The link between nutrition and cancer
  • Tripping over the Truth
  • Organic Gardening and composting
  • Nutrients & Fasting to improve DNA & mitochondria
  • Research paper on health topic of their choice


“Since 1950 death by cancer had increased by 9%...our focus had been dead wrong… prevention clearly mattered more than desperately trying to find ‘cures’”

The focus is encouraging prevention as a lifestyle!

One of the ways we do this is by reading and discussing the book,

Tripping Over the Truth; How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer is Overturning one of Medicine's Most Entrenched Paradigms

What Others Say


"You have been a blessing to me since we first met!


Ava Hardiek 

Amazing Homeschool Mom / English Professor


Thank you for your vast array of knowledge and experience you are so graciously sharing...

I just know this health and nutrition class will equip [our young people] to help launch them into young adult years with a better understanding of health...

you're a joy.

Bethany Barnes

Blessed Homeschool Mom


Here are some things I really liked about this class!

1. I liked that we ALL were learning the same things.

2. Each of us had a chance to talk and say our opinion.

3. The information was so interesting! (I would re-read the Tripping Over the Truth book again!)

4. Research papers are to be shared in class and questions are welcome!

5. The class is revolving around God and we are blessed to be able to talk freely about religion (as some people are not.)

Lexie K

Amazing Student


"The secret of your success is found in your daily routine."

- John Maxwell

Cynthia Cruz

My mother took one of the first snail-mail correspondence courses in nutrition when I was a teen.  She introduced me to fasting & nutrition.


This started me on a lifelong quest for optimal health.

My Diploma of Dietary Supplement Science is from Huntington University of Health Sciences, (the only accredited school of nutrition in the US), yet I have  a passion to continually research and see what is working for people.

As a Nutritional Consultant, I get feedback on what works and what doesn't.

Science plus Practical Application = the best of both worlds.  

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