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10 Foundational Tools to Get Your Mitochondria Healthy

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This is Your Health ToolBox

Tools to get rid of little annoyances with your health.  The place to find ideas - #health hacks - that just may be what you need to get on to your next adventure!

Your Best Health Starts Here

Busy lives need tips that help on the run!  Sometimes it is just a little tweak that can make all the difference for you.  Below are some posts to get you started on your journey:

Health Begins at the Cellular Level

What if you learned just one thing a week you could incorporate into your life that over time - and not even done perfectly - could get your body's mitochondria healthier?

More energy, mental clarity and many annoying little issues going away could be the result!

Read, "Antibiotics and 5 Reasons we Need Probiotics"

Peace of Mind

When you understand where health comes from and how you were designed to heal, fear of the future is less.  

You understand that little, daily habits can heal your insides.  Peace of mind is the natural result of feeling in control and knowing there is no need to fear.

Health is Wealth

Many spend their health to get wealth - then are willing to spend their wealth to get back their health!  Start here instead as keeping your health is easier than getting it back!

Working inside all the time can lead to auto-immune issues.  Sometimes something simple can make a difference...

Oil Roberta Sorge Uobapnn K7w Unsplash

Oil Roberta Sorge Uobapnn K7w Unsplash

Bad Oils / Good Fats

Some of the worst foods for our health - considered responsible for at least part of the increase in cancer and metabolic syndrome include manufactured oils.  Identify good and bad here: Bad Oils, Good Fats

Truth Bombs

Sometimes what can help us most is a friend who speaks truth into our lives.  

17 Daggers Of Cvd

17 Daggers Of Cvd

Biochemistry Made Simple

We take difficult concepts about how your body works and make them simple.  Sometimes, understanding why - can help know you can - do it.  Healing may be a matter of that next small step.

See our Cholesterol Videos as an example!


Little steps can help you make BIG progress!  These are what we like to call #HealthHacks

How about a simple Health Hack to Benefit your Weight Loss Results?

Health often determines quality as well as quantity of life.”   - John Maxwell in Today Matters


"Money is like manure.  If you let it pile up, it just smells.  But if you spread it around, you can encourage things to grow."

This expresses how we feel.  We want to see people become healthier, live the lives they were meant to lead and we realize that there is monetary benefit in helping others, so from the start we planned to give back!

Get Slim, REPAIR DNA and get the best health of your life!

We all want to look our best.  We want to look our best and feel our best!

  The Slim! Ketogenic Reset Course is designed to help you look and feel your best.  We believe Keto is especially important to reset the metabolism.

  Reset your metabolism in as little as five weeks so your body can burn fat again, while it repairs DNA and you feel the best you have ever!

What Others Say


Cynthia Cruz is highly educated in the human body, and how to care for it through natural means.

She has helped me immensely through dark valleys of fearful diagnosis by listening carefully, encouraging, giving powerful tips about nutrition, and always with hope in God to heal and strengthen.

I consider her a dear friend and valued mentor!

Linda R 

 Amazing Mom and Artist


Cynthia is passionate about learning and teaching about how we can be using the gifts God has given us to be healthy.

Judy F 

Mission-driven, Homeschool Mom


I was really struggling because long term steroid use had affected my adrenal function.  Cynthia recommended high dose of vitamin C, magnesium and adrenal glandular.

I was so happy with the results!

She has obviously done her homework and is very knowledgeable.  She is also very practical in her approach towards the use of supplements and foods. 

She won't waste your time or money with a lot of extra, unnecessary supplements.

Cathy C.

Wise Mom and Grandma

Courses for your Best Health 

Reading is good, videos can help, but having a system is what changes lives!

Cynthia Cruz

It is my passion and vision to give you the tools to realize your best health!

As a teen I got ill and Mom was taking a snail-mail correspondence course in nutrition.  She introduced me to fasting and helped me learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Overcoming blood sugar issues, allergies chronic low energy and other health challenges - & helping others to do the same, has helped me form a paradigm of health that everyone needs.

When you understand that your genes' expression can be changed for the better and that your health is within your control - and that the design of your body makes sense - it lays the foundation for a health paradigm that gives peace of mind.  And Health.

Please explore the tools I have on this site, take the courses and consider coaching.  I would love to walk beside you and see you ready for adventure, enjoying the best health of your life!

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If you have ever wondered what oils and fats are best for you and what ones are the worst, you are in the right place! Start with the audio as it provides information on the difference between polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which ones to stay away from and why! AUDIO ON BAD OILS SOURCES OF HEALTHY


ANTIBIOTICS & 5 Reasons We Need Probiotics #HealthHacks

How to recognize if your stomach ache is because of antibiotics.

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